Shaun of the Dead


Shaun of the Dead has a large cult following and considered one of the best comedy-zombie films of all time. The film takes place in every-day residential suberbia and despite this has one iconic location.

Sadly the only location worth a visit has been closed permanently and so there is very little to see for this film.

Film Location

The Windsor

The Windsor

The Duke of Albany, 39 Monson Road | New Cross, London | United Kingdom

The one main iconic filming location from the film is The Windsor which is central to a lot of the film.

Sadly "The Windsor Pub" which was The Duke of Albany in New Cross, London has undergone some extensive construction and has lost it's iconic curved facade. It has also since closed and has been converted to residential flats.

For those die-hard fans that want to take a look, the nearest station is New Cross Gate located a few streets away.

Where to find The Windsor