The Holiday

England and California

The Holiday is a classic warm hearted romcom starring Kate Winslet as newspaper columist Iris, Cameron Diaz as Amanda Woods a highly stressed movie trailer maker and also starring Jude Law and Jack Black. The film is split between the cosy and snowy quaint English country-side where Iris lives in a small cottage and LA where Amanda lives in a large modern mansion. Iris and Amanda decide to swap homes through a holiday home swap website and their lives are about to change.

The Quaint Village in the English Countryside

Surrey | Shere | United Kingdom

The village scenes around Iris's home are set on-location at the village of Shere in Surrey, England. Sadly Iris's cottage in the film doesn't exist anymore. The exterior shots were made with a purpose built cottage in a field which has since been dismantled.

The small village of Shere is a quiet beautiful typical English village and has been used for many film sets due to it's historical feel. While this location will suit those who enjoy the country-side you also have access to Guilford town just 7 miles away.

You can find out more about Guildford at the Guildford Borough web site;

Where to find The Quaint Village in the English Countryside

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